Rumour: First Fallout Online "Project V13" Screen Shots

Interplay's attempt at a massively-multiplayer online Fallout comes three screen shots closer to reality, if these shots of Project V13, reported to be court submitted evidence of the game, are the real deal.

Fallout fan Wikia The Vault believes them to be, writing today that they were acquired from an "anonymous, but reliable source" and that they're a part of Interplay's defence in a lawsuit filed against the developer by Fallout-rights holder Bethesda.

The screens at least appear to be in line with what the Project V13 concept art hinted at, even if the purported in-game stuff looks like a very brown, very bleak place to spend one's online time.

The Vault blogger Ausir also has more PV13 concept art, should you be turned off by the reality of the in-development MMO.


    Is it just me, or does it look like they've gone for a bit of cell-shading? Especially on the player-character

      Contrasting edges, I can dig it.


    Yeah, it's got the tiniest hint of a cartoony feel to it.

    I wonder if this was a simplified art style to accomodate a web client based MMO?

    I thought they were going for the classic top down Fallout 1 graphics and looks.

    Hope the combat works well, looking forward too 5 players gangajanging a super muties head.

    Could be cell shading, or it could be very unpolished lighting engine combined with low-detail models. We have no idea how far along this game is in development.

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