Rumour: Japanese People Line Up For Modern Warfare 2

The official localised version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 won't be out in Japan until December 10. That apparently didn't stop a line from forming in Tokyo's Akihabara.

According to 2ch, the line is in front of AsoBitCity and for the imported version of Modern Warfare 2. Pictures of lines popping up on 2ch have been suspect of late, and it's hard to tell exactly what's going on in this photo or what even folks are waiting for.

Proceed with caution!

Square Enix will be publishing the game in Japan come this December.

秋葉原で謎の行列、お目当ては『Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2』 [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]


    It does look like the street outside Aso Bit City and the sign probably says that up top (the one above the bookstand), but the combination of me being shitty with kanji and the fact that the fact that the photo is blurry as hell means I can't see what the sign at the start of the line is for.

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