Rumour: New MW2 Game Modes Uncovered

Take this with a grain of salt, but this clip sure looks like it's revealing some new multiplayer modes for Modern Warfare 2, found lurking somewhere in the game's code.

There are three modes in total: VIP (just like Counter-Strike), Capture The Flag (with a single flag between two teams) and Global Thermonuclear War, which one side has to capture. Once captured, the thing goes off, killing everybody.

If you squint through all the garbage written on-screen, you can make out allegations that these modes are all tucked away on the disc waiting to be unlocked as DLC. Makes sense on a basic level, but the bonkers language isn't helping their cause.

[via VG247]


    Wow....Infinity Ward are real.....wankers with this one. This is a bit like the RE5 Versus mode DLC problem a while back, no?

      It could possibly come with map pack DLC but is installed on the disc not the DLC perhaps?

      I dunno if thats possible etc...

      But if not and they pull a RE5 - no way i'm gonna pay for it. And who would? As much as i like MW2's ONLINE and SPECIAL OPS and NOT the CAMPAIGN - it hasnt captured me as much as COD4 did. I dont like the maps as much as i do in COD4 but the perks etc.. are obviously better in MW2.

      But i still think there should be more Hardcore modes in the playlist. Some of the ones already available are a load of garbage.

    although a console gamer i still think this is crap! first they screw pc with iwnet now theyre gonna screw us all with dlc that we already have? i am really regretting buying that prestige edition. iw do NOT deserve money for this pile of puke. the campaign is 4hrs at best and online in AU is just pointless.
    lets see how treyarch go with the next cod... i reckon i'll wait a week or 2 for some REAL reviews to surface before i touch it.

    I came across the ModernWarfail site a few days ago (the people who first published these codes). I don't believe they will be paid DLC, I think it will be free and they were planning to surprise their players after a while of release.
    This saves us having to download a massive patch just to get a few extra games modes. It's not a bad idea.
    Granted they could have just included it in the main release but I'm sure they have their reasons.
    It seems as though everyone is ripping on IW just because it seems to be a new trend.

    Yeah there will just be an update/patch to make the modes appear in the FIND match screen. They'll only charge for map packs. I hope!

      Are you kidding, you want them to charge you for map packs? I liked my free map packs in CoD4 thank you very much

        *psssst* He must be a console gamer, consoles charge for their DLC xD

          perhaps you misunderstood, i hope they only charge for the map pack rather than the update of modes. Yes i'm a console gamer, you powers of deduction amaze me. I also have no problem paying for dlc on consoles as nearly all my mates are on xbl/psn. $10 here and there for a map pack is small change. I was responding to what you originally said about the RE5 versus mode and how Capcom charged for it.

            That comment was made rather jokingly, no harm intended.

            I myself are more of a console gamer, and I do agree, a few $ here and there for map packs and such isn't a biggie.

            What's annoying to me, and what was done with RE5, is that the content is already there, on disc. They charge you $10 (or however much) more to download 400-800KB worth of code, to "unlock" that.

              yeh no drama's bro, i agree, i wonder if RE5 versus content will be in the Gold better be!

    Since when do Call of Duty DLC packs come with game modes? They're normally just maps.

    Maybe this is just something that was to be in but was cut for time/balance reasons. You'll find that sort of stuff in just about any game. I don't want to sound like a fanboy but its plausible and frankly this is looking for a fight (I'm actually incredibly annoyed with them right over their handling of the Local Only situation).

    What the modder should have done is document all this then wait for IW to release the DLC. That way there would be no denying it. He would have them red handed.

    Maybe it is an update lik team death express of hardcore HQ

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