Rumour: Next Medal Of Honor Set In Present Day

Modern is the new World War II. Sources tell website MCV that the next entry in EA's Medal of Honor series will be set in the present day.

The source tells the site: "It's a new take on the modern warfare idea — and will really help give the series the kick up the arse it needs." The game is apparently slated for February/March 2010 on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. An announcement is expected before Christmas.

The modern era is nice and all, but when is someone going to set their war game during the Civil War. You know, 30-second reloading mini-game, sawing off legs, whiskey power-ups and unlockable moustaches. Bayonetting, cannons and toothless Southern men. SOMEONE MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

Medal Of Honor: Modern Warfare incoming [MCVUK]


    Didn't see this coming....

    Yeah the Civil War game would be good. Imagine how tense it'd be if you and an opponent both missed your shots and raced to reload... funny 30 seconds

    i can see it now, it won't be half the game BC2 is and still outsell it.

    "Modern is the new World War II" That's true... and it's depressing. The last few years were overrun with generic WWII shooters, the next few will be bursting at the seams with modern war shooters... generally the better, more memorable games happen when developers do what they want to do, not when they just ride of others success and make what they know is going to sell in buckets, but not break any new boundaries. Leave Infinity Ward to modern war, and do something more interesting, gawd...

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