Rumour: Project Natal Launches Nov. 10, 14 Games, Might Be Cheap

Rumour: Project Natal Launches Nov. 10, 14 Games, Might Be Cheap

According to sources speaking with British trade site MCV, Microsoft’s Project Natal will be released in November 2010, and may retail for under $US80.

The details apparently leaked during a round of developer visits in the UK, in which Microsoft toured studios showing off the technology.

The same sources reckon 14 games will be available at launch, with five million cameras ready for sale on day 1, spread between standalone cameras and 360/Natal bundles.

Most interesting of all, however, is word on the price Microsoft are hoping to charge, with an expected price of £50 in the UK, which is about $90 Australian. One source, however, indicated Microsoft may go even cheaper in an effort to make Natal an “impulse buy”, and price it as low as £30 ($54).

Natal launch details leak from secret Microsoft tour [MCV]


  • I don’t really care what they charge for it as long as they actually put up a steady stream of strong games to actually warrant the purchase.

    And that’s where the problem lies. It’s cool tech, but so was the EyeToy back when it launched, and so was the Wii controller when that launched. And neither of them ended up being worth a damn (although at least Nintendo gave us Mario Galaxy and Zelda – apparently only to emphasis how utterly sh*tful the rest of the Wii catalogue is).

    Sadly I suspect Natal and the PS3 motion controller will join them on that pile of cool tech that produced nothing but a bunch of woeful flailing party games before being consigned forever to the back of the closet.

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