Rumour: PS3 Adding Facebook, New Gamercard Options And More

Rumour: PS3 Adding Facebook, New Gamercard Options And More

The PlayStation 3 may follow in the Xbox 360 and Nintendo DSi’s footsteps, adding Facebook integration from the console’s Cross Media Bar, according to leaked images from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Images of PlayStation 3 dashboard screens spotted by ScrawlFX highlight a few possible additions coming in future firmware updates. Also rumoured to be included is a new photo viewing option and additional gamercard customisation options — OK, the option to change the colour on your gamercard, which isn’t all that exciting.

Those images of the PS3 XMB were reportedly taken directly from the UK version of, lending some serious credibility to their authenticity. They have since been removed.

We’re following up with Sony to see when we can expect Facebook on the PS3.

Rumor: Facebook, Gamercard colours in next PS3 FW update [Update: Real] [ScrawlFX – thanks, Lino!]


  • How about speeding up the fucking XMB so when you click on someone’s profile it doesnt take 1 minute to load and when you compare trophies it doesnt take upwards of 5 minutes…?

    The Dashboard on the X360 is so much quicker..

  • It would be a shame if all the ‘facebook’ button does is open up the PS3′ ever infamous internet browser with your preloaded login details….. oh – did I just hit bullseye?

  • You can already log into Facebook with the PS3’s browser. All they need to do now is fix the browser. Making something else *just* for Facebook is a stupid idea at best.

  • ^^ It has nothing to do with the internet connection. I’ve got a great connection, yet everytime i takes 2-3 minutes just to load a gamercard.

    OT: Pretty late move by sony, whats the point of having a app when you can just view it through the internet app

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