Rumour: Uncharted Movie Changing Screenwriters

Hollywood scribe Kyle Ward, writer of the big screen version of Kane & Lynch and Hitman 2, was penciled in to ink the movie version of Uncharted. Was.

According to movie site Latino Review, Ward has been pulled off the flick. Sony and producer Avi Arad did not want to wait for Ward to contractually deliver drafts for other projects (like Hitman 2).

Instead, writing team Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, who penned the CONAN movie reboot, are being eyed as writers for the Uncharted flick. "At press time, negotiations are underway and it looks like a deal is imminent," writes Latino Review. "Expect to hear it officially in the trades."

News: Exclusive: Conan Writing Duo Chart Course For Drake's Fortune! [Latino Review]


    Or they could invest some extra dough into a screenwriter that writes good films.

    Just a thought...

    Maybe they should involve the same people that wrote the story for the game- seeing it's basically a movie anyway.

    What's the bet it'll suck hard like every other game to movie adaptation?

    "Scribe" "ink"


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