Rumoured Kameo 2 Killed To Make Room For Natal Projects

Rumoured Kameo 2 Killed To Make Room For Natal Projects

Microsoft owned developer Rare won’t be returning to the world of Kameo any time soon, thanks to the studio’s shift toward multiple Project Natal titles, according to unnamed sources cited by CVG. Microsoft is reported to have cancelled a sequel.

CVG’s source “close to the platform holder” says that sales of action-adventure eyesore Kameo: Elements of Power are largely to blame for the decision to stop development on a follow-up. According to NPD data, sales of the original Xbox 360 launch title totalled a little more than 300,000 — less than half the sales of launch peer Perfect Dark Zero, so that decision may have been a wise one.

(On the bright side, Kameo: Elements of Power sales over the course of four years outperformed two other Rare titles, Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise and Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.)

But it appears that Microsoft’s first-party needs for Project Natal software is taking precedent. Rare is said to be hard at work on a handful of unannounced games for the controller, now under the watchful eye of Microsoft Game Studios creative director Peter Molyneux.

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  • Why do companies nearly always insist on sequels. Fair enough something sells well, doesn’t ALWAYS mean it will a second time. Case point, BioShock.

    Critically acclaimed and had some decent numbers. I do believe it will be a gold mine for the second. But was it always necessary to do a second game. Especially with the chance of jeopadising its credibility among critics and gamers alike.

    Sometimes i feel developers has this thought that, “Oh it didn’t sell too well. Maybe perhaps if we did a sequel, there would be more talk this time around and it will do better!”

    Some things don’t always work out. Movies, Music AND Video Games. So why do they insist in creating more if they’re not guaranteed or sure it will perform at THEIR standards a second time around or better than the first time.

    Kameo did nothing for me, didn’t even finish it. Probably didn’t get half way through it. IMO – i don’t blame consumers for not touching it. So a sequel that gets pushed back until further notice or scrapped isn’t upsetting news to me.

    Just do some new IP or in Rares case, Natal. I mean there can’t be NO ideas for games that you need to do a sequel to KAMEO! C’mon MS! And Rare have much more of an imagination AND brains than that…

  • Kameo had many flaws but it was still a good game. That’s saying a lot coming from me given how much Zelda type games bore me. With the new larger casual install base of XBOX360 they’d be fools not to release another Kameo. But I suppose I’m better off in the long run with Rare working on Natal than a Kameo sequel :/

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