Rumoured Mass Effect 2 DLC Plans Sound Massive

BioWare's purported plans for sci-fi action RPG Mass Effect 2 make the upcoming Xbox 360 and PC game look like a good investment, as rumoured downloadable content appears to be expansive enough to dissuade mass trade-ins.

According to a report from Destructoid, which cites a retailer-focused Microsoft Expert Zone quiz, Mass Effect 2 will feature a slew of downloadable goodies. That includes the obvious stuff, like weapons, armour and even characters. But it may also include "full campaign expansions," making the Mass Effect 2 experience more massive than previously announced.

But not necessarily surprising, given the developer's plans for its other title, Dragon Age: Origins, said to have two years worth of downloadable content and expansions in the cooker.

Dtoid's tipster has more details, facets of ME2 that we're attempting to verify with BioWare as soon as we can come to terms with the bald, heavily tattooed space maiden that Mr. Shepherd appears to be getting intimate with. Hot or not, that is the question.

Retailer training quiz drops details on Mass Effect 2 DLC [Destructoid]


    Hahahahaha... Good one Bioware, everyone just remember the promise of massive dlc for Mass Effect 1. Oh well hopefully they can deliver with dragon age and ME2, I hope.

    When you say "a slew of downloadable goodies" do you mean "a slew of downloadable goodies which should have been included in the original game to make it worth the purchase price and last longer than 15 hours"? Not that I'm wary or anything...

    Mass Effect was a reasonably large game itself. They did under-perform with their DLC promises. But then was Fallout 3 worth the money without the DLC and then paying for them after?

    I would believe Mass Effect 2 is going to be once again a reasonably large game. Larger than FPS or other games that strive on releasing DLC with an already small campaign etc...

    For RPGs - i don't seem to mind that they release DLC. Well DLC that expands the story & missions etc... cause there aren't many RPGs released now that fail to deliver an experience worth that $99 in length.

    Sometimes i do wonder though whether they release their DLC just to make more money and the obvious question is YES THEY DO! But its also good for games like Fallout 3 and Mass Effect 2 (hopefully) is that the experience continues 6 months or 12 months and with Dragon Age: Origins, maybe even 24 months after the release.

    It offers a long playability approach and is good that BioWare are hopefully going to do that with ME2 and DA:Origins.

      I actually agree with your comments. Certainly the length of games like Oblivion, Mass Effect and Fallout 3 make them good value for money. The add-on's to ME were poor, the others were much better supported and enjoyable to play (though I am selective in my choice of DLC, generally relying on reviews before I buy).

      Hopefully ME2 will match ME in its quality and length. My fear is there will be a trend with games in general downscaling the full game in favour of maximising profit by adding significant DLC. We all know that games are very expensive to produce, so squeezing more money out of gamers with DLC is a logical, if unfortunate, progression.

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