Sci-Fi Author Writing Not One, Not Two, But Three Games For EA

Acclaimed British science-fiction author Richard K. Morgan has announced that he's teaming up with EA to help pen the stories for three of the publisher's upcoming titles.

Writing on his site, Morgan — best known for his novels Altered Carbon and Black Man/Thirteen — says he was approached last year by EA's John Miles with a view to writing a game that was currently in development. Things obviously went well, because Morgan is now "consulting" on three separate games, all of which he describes as works of science fiction. As you'd expect, with the man having won both the Philip K. Dick and Arthur C. Clarke awards for his sci-fi novels.

Interesting he specifically mentions that they're "separate" titles. So... one is probably a Dead Space game, the other probably an Epic title... wonder what the third is?

Stated Secrets and The Waiting Game [Richard Morgan]


    Read most of his books, if you want to take a genre and mess with it... well, interesting choice of writer.

    I don't see why why you've assumed he might be writing the new Dead Space. That's not really his style. Still, he could do it.

    Whatever the games are, they are going to be fricken sweet. The Kovacs trilogy are my favourite novels. So stoked on this!!

    I hope these games will be fun, it seems so easy to miss that mark apparently.
    But Morgans imagination adapted for games will be sweet. his Needlecast and Sleeve systems would make perfect game elements, not to mention Power Nuckles and a Cyanide secreting Tebit Knife.

    I've absolutely loved everything Morgan has penned. Well, except for Market Forces, I couldn't really get into it, pretty jarring change of scenery coming off the back of the Kovacs series.
    Still, Uncharted 2 has really driven home the point that story is an element that can, and should, be taken seriously in games. Storytelling is the big thing that's been wanting in EA's best AAA titles. There is potential for serious win, here. Fingers crossed!

    Awesome, I always thought his writing style would make a great fit for videogames.

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