Sega Giving Out Early Access To Bayonetta 360 Demo

No, it's not some preorder bonus. But quantities are limited. Sega's offering 40,000 codes to play the Bayonetta demo early on Xbox 360, but you have to be a registered Sega Pass member to be eligible.

Here's the deal - once you register (free) for a Sega Pass, go back to this site on Nov. 9 and register to get your code. Registration for early access will be open until Nov. 13, but given the first-come, first-serve nature of this offer, my guess is it won't last that long.

Again, this offer covers the Xbox 360 version of the Bayonetta demo. Bayonetta Demo Offer [Official Site, via Ripten]


    Stage one: Get a Ps3, Make a Japanese PSN account
    Stage two: ...
    Stage three: Profit!

      Stage one: Get an xbox 360, Make a Japanese Live Account.
      Stage two: ...
      Stage three: Profit!

    import JAP bayonetta ftw playing it =DD

    US and CA only, apparently... baw...

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