Seven Indie Hits For The Price Of One

Online PC store Direct2Drive, flush with cash from their first "Best of Indie" bundle deal, have decided to offer another, with seven great games at 75% off.

The Best of Indie: Volume 2 includes Crayon Physics Deluxe, Aquaria, Aaaaaa!, I-Fluid, And Yet it Moves, Project Aftermath, and Acceleration of Suguri. All told, these seven games go for $US94.65 purchased separately, but until November 16 you can get them all for $US25. And DRM-free, to boot.

Crayon Physics is almost worth that alone, so yeah, this is a good deal. (So's Aquaria - AU Ed.)


    "So’s Aquaria – AU Ed" Hell yes it is.

    An actual link to said offer would be nice -_-

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