Shiny, Shiny Gran Turismo 5 Screens

Sony released some new Gran Turismo 5 screens today. Being GT5 screens, you should know what to expect by now: cars that look very, very, very pretty.


    christ those graphics are good

    These look awesome... I cant wait for GT5 to come out and export the PSP garage and save a hell of a lot of time.

    Is there any Car Customisation at all?

    The thing that bugs me, and it applies to nearly all racers, is that despite how good the graphics get - the cars always look like they are pasted on the background. it's like I found a nice magazine shot of a car and stuck it on a nice calendar landscape.

    Similar to the Uncanny Valley of representing human faces in CGI is the challenge of accurately reflecting the car in its environment - not just depicting the cars, environments, or physics on their own.

      I don't get that feeling at all.
      Maybe it's that the cars are in focus.

      *flame-resistant shield engaged*

    that skyline is bonkers-apeshit-beautiful .. I bet it hugs the track.

    kotaku's screenshots are FLUFF ....

    check out that high resolution shiettt ...

    forza 3 cars have 1/10th the amount of effort put it.

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