Shooting A Nintendo DS Through A Wall

Throwing a controller/handheld to the ground in frustration is for pussies. You really want to vent some steam, you load the offending peripheral or console into a gun and you shoot it through a wall.

That's what Amusement - the greatest gaming mag to never be published in English - did for their latest issue, blasting this red DS so hard through the wood that it splits clean in two. Beautiful (click to embiggen).

If your coffee table is in need of some flair next to those coffee-soaked back issues of Game Informer, you can buy back issues of Amusement here.

[via GameSetWatch]


    OMFG i bet that was the fkn limited mario ds aswell... fkers i want that shiz

    That's somehow beautiful.

    BTW, Embiggen - I never heard that word before I came to Springfield.

      Really? I can't imagine why, it's a perfectly cromulent word.

    Reminds me of that burning basketball Hyper did in one of their early issues. Start setting more things on fire, dammit!

    True gamer rage.

    By far and away the best thing to do with a DS.

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