Silent Hill Movie Sequel Needs To Be "More Accessible"

As pre-production on a sequel to 2006's Silent Hill movie plods along, a few new details are being offered up as to the direction the film is going to take, courtesy of producer Don Carmody.

For starters, Roger Avary - who wrote the first movie - may not return. He's, uh, busy. And while we don't know which cast members, if any, will be returning, Carmody confirms that Christophe Gans won't be back in the director's chair, as he "wants to direct something new".

Carmody then opens up on the course the movie will take, while at the same time addressing some of the complaints fans of the series had over the first film's tone and depiction of familiar characters.

"I think we need to make it a little more accessible to the movie-going public", he told STYD. "Silent Hill is not a blockbuster game like Resident Evil or the other games out there. It's a connoisseurs' game. It has its own, rabid fan base. They're not cheap, these things. You have to appeal not only to the gamers, you have to appeal to a wider audience. So we have to get some story in there that helps explain a bit more. I think that's all happening. Of course, [the story]is going to happen years later and the main character - without giving too much away - is much older and representative to the movie-going public which is in that age group."

EXCL: Producer Updates Us on Silent Hill 2 [STYD]


    I, uh, actually kinda thought the first one was cool.

      I agree. Besides some cheese involved.

    "More accessible" = dumbed down for the casual crowd. What's with the race to the bottom, these days? Why must everything be made more stupid? It's like with a sci-fi TV show that's cool in the first season... the second season rolls around and suddenly there's a lame monologue slapped over the previously-cool intro to break it all down for the hard-of-thinking. Thent he action suddenly makes way for great chunks of exposition to explain all the stuff you already knew because you'd seen at least one previous episode of the show... Meh.

      Yep, NOOOOOO.

    They should hire Hex - I mean Junglist! ^_^

    Just throw a few Pyramid Heads in there, slap up a commentary, and people will be all over that.

    Silent Hill is an awesome series. It's not at all inaccessible to anyone who doesn't completely turn off their brain in a movie. Well, at least I don't think anyways.

    If they had stuck to the story of the silent hill game the movie might have made more sense instead of combining elements of multiple games into one movie. Then again I suppose they had to strike a balance between that and watching the character spend an hour figuring out that the pink rubber ball goes in the drain pipe.

    doesnt the 2nd movie's plot sound like the plot for silent hill 4: the room? isnt it pretty much the young girl from the first game all grown up?

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