Sixteen-Player Co-Op Lets Survivors Outnumber Infected In L4D2

Someone has figured out a way to host 16-player co-op in Left 4 Dead 2 on the PC, and as this video shows, it is pure mayhem, with survivors outnumbering infected during some parts of the game.

Plus, I mean, god damn, look how long it takes for everyone to get in the safe room.

Here's another video. I love the beginning, everyone running one after the other to the weapons table. As awesome as this looks, I bet it's pure hell to play. We're seeing the reason Valve capped this at four to a side, I think.

This is Why Left 4 Dead 2 is Limited to Four Players [Hot Blooded Gaming]


    I had a 24 player co-op match match yesterday, with next to no lag.
    Really fun, until the team killing starts :3
    I wonder how much further we can go..

    ur not aallowed to show that video Kotaku it shows dismemberment... :P

    Looks like fun... now we need more characters...

    He he he, Ohhhh you have no idea.. We can take this so much further. Cant wait till the thousand teli-tubies that are running at us are able to leap =S

    It has begun (^^)

    haha, that's rad. Now imagine a full scaled city where one person starts as an infected, and every time they kill someone they also become infected... and nobody starts with weapons (you have to find them). I think I just pee'd myself a little.

    Pity they couldn't integrate the two teams of survivors, maybe add the Midnight Riders as characters as well.

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