So, Are The Haystacks Of Assassin's Creed II Any Bigger?

Doesn't look like Ubisoft learned their physics lesson. Matt, who helped the Kotaku Bureau of Weights & Measures calculate the cushion Altair would need in reality, thinks the haystacks are bigger in ACII. They still look puny to me.

Remember, for one of the shortest jumps in the original (Dome of the Rock), we calculated Altair would need a pile three times as high and 41 times as large to stop the fall without Altair crashing through the cart and into the bricks below. So, "slightly larger" won't cut it, unless for some reason Ezio is "vastly lighter".


    Never know, maybe Da Vinci gave him a gravitational device.

    Well, doesn't matter, it's not suppose to be realistic in the 1st place...

      Clearly its more of a joke - poking fun at the fact. I mean what games are 100% realistic?

      ANYWAY.. @Darius - it IS well worth the wait. I haven't played it too much so i don't spoil myself or the game. But it definitely in my Top 5 games of the year along with U2, MW2 & Borderlands.

      LOL... jumping off that building, which i didn't know was an achievement, i was just staring at Ezio falling. Usually he is on his back for a split second, but no, it felt like a minute watching him fall before suddenly ploughing into the hay stack.

    I was playing this game till about 4am today
    and the glypth puzzles were freaking me out.
    i was probably overtired but the ones with cain and able and the apples and the oh my!

    this game was well worth the wait and i cant wait to sink my weekend into it

    I've was wondering the same thing last night while jumping off the highest tower in Florence.

    I'm just being facetious but the game never explicitly state that the stuff on the wagon is actually hay. Perhaps it's Tempur mattress 0.8 beta.

    Horses eat hay.

    My favourite part about thef irst game is when 3 assasins jump off the tower to show the Templars what they are made of. One of them missed. Now, thats comedy:P

    There's clearly some sort of black hole at work inside the AC2 haystacks. That would explain why Ezio is able to pour an unlimited amount of guards into them without any distortion in the size.

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