So, Get New Super Mario Bros. Wii Yet?

Gotta say, I rather dig these Sunday launches for Nintendo titles. I'm sure preachers and the NFL don't, but whatever. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is out today, and those who picked it up are probably itching to tell someone.

So, tell us about it, and brag to your fellow commenters. Or feel free to ask open questions of those who do have the game. Again, as a courtesy, flag any spoilers and maybe hit a couple returns to give folks a chance to look away. Kotaku AU Note: Sunday? We were playing it days ago! Doesn't it feel good to get a game ahead of the US for a change?

And if you're still not sure what all the fuss is about, check out some of our coverage of the game from the preceding week:

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    it's pretty hard in places, but I won't let that damn "smart guide" do it for me.....


    Great game to play with your missus...'cept for the part where she keeps getting in my way so I pick up her annoying Toad self and throw it into a Koopa.
    Apparently not everyone finds that funny.

      Nath, thats exactly why I got the game, my missus absolutely loves it, its great fun in multiplayer, but it can get abit frustrating.

      We've already learnt that our communication skills need abit of working on!!

    Loved it! It brings a level of fun to a Super Mario game that just hasn't been achieved before. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard while playing a game before.

    When you have 4 friends and a big TV, and you're all jumping around and bopping off eachothers heads, spin jumping and throwing your friends in to giant coins, it's just a really great and fun feeling.

    It's very rarely I have so much fun with such a cookie cutter game, but all of the tiny extra elements they have added just boost it in to a completely new, fun and hilarious experience.

    Recommended to everyone and anyone. It's a really great game.

    Pretty stoked to get the game. Think it will bring back alot of memories.

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