So, How Different Does Modern Warfare Reflex Look?

Want to know how bad the graphical disparity is between Modern Warfare Reflex on the Wii and the PlayStation 3 Modern Warfare? Check this out.

Digital Foundry has a side-by-side video comparison up that starts to walk you through the opening boat mission with Soap. At time of press, the video craps out around 20 seconds in. But that's plenty of time to get a feel for the differences.

Seriously — pitting Wii graphics in any game against graphics in a PS3 game is like pistol whipping a blind kid. And if that doesn't make you sad, consider the fact that Modern Warfare Reflex hit shelves for the Wii the same day Modern Warfare 2 came out for other home consoles. Talk about a day late and a buck short.

DigitalFoundry- Modern Warfare Wii vs. PlayStation 3 [Eurogamer via Joystiq]


    Yeah clearly the graphics aren't the same as the PS3 version, but in all honesty for a Wii game they aren't that bad.

    not bad for a wii game, the classic phrase. the killer blow for me is that it is MW1 not 2. i can't reconcile porting an old game and releasing the same day as its sequel, except this was a massive and weird post modern joke played by acti on wii owners.

    Doesn't look too bad really. Obviously it was never going to match PS3 or 360 but some parts you can barely tell the difference.

    If this was released simulutaneously with Xbox and PS3 I reckon it could've done quite well considering COD:WAW has a pretty strong following on the Wii. A bit late now though especially coinciding with the sequels release.

    Could be fun playing with a nice gun controller though.

    meh wii is a previous generation system every one i knwo who bought one used it for like 3 weeks then the novelty wore off and now its an expensive dust collector

    They chose to compare the level that IW spent probably most of their time working on to show off the lighting effects etc...

    Why not compare other levels. It was the same with World at War they showed off Wii Graphic Levels and then you play the level on the beach as the yanks and its just horrific watching it.

    Damn right ugly. I think they need to add a HD Wii just for the sake of its reputation, not sales!

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