So, How Much Did Bobby Kotick Make From Modern Warfare 2?

We know Activision made a ton of money from the launch of Modern Warfare 2, but just how much did the company's much-loved boss, Robert Kotick, manage to score for himself? Here's a hint: loads.

Flush with the success of the launch, Kotick this week offloaded almost two million Activision stock options he'd held since 2000. When they were worth $US1.03 each. In this post-Modern Warfare 2 world, however, they're worth around $US11.50.

Want me to do the math for you? Subtract the $US2 million strike price from the equation and Kotick earned himself just over $US20 million. In less than a week.

Think he's an asshole? He can't hear you. His mansions are insulated with money.

Activision CEO reaps $US20.2 million in three-day stock sale [GameSpot]


    So he hates us all, but loves our money?

    So he actually hasn't made it just off Modern Warefare 2, he has made it off every successful Activision franchise since 2000...

    Too bad the people who actually worked on the game probably wont even collectively get that amount.

    Smart man. +1 i mean +20,000,000 for him.

    yer all that money and thay cant even give us decent game play on psn

    Well MW3 pretty much got comfirmed.

    hope he invests that in the 'lets not make game development fun' foundation along with the IW's 'lets treat PC games like ****' group

    He'll hear me when I punch him in the face.

    I want to marry his children.

    Put it this way; his investment in 2 million Activision stocks indirectly paved the way for the development of the video games due to that surge in funding! And now he's reaping the benefits eleven-fold in just 9 years..

      They were stock options. Unlikely he paid anything for them until he cashed them out.

      Did he actually invest 2 million of his own money to get those shares? Or was he given them as part of his employment package?

      Also 2 million shares at a dollar each is not much of a cash infusion. Especially when many games these days cost way more than 2 million dollars to make.

      Anyway, the people up the top make way too much way too easily.

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