So, When's Modern Warfare 2's DLC Due?

Needless to say, when a game sells as many copies as Modern Warfare 2 has, there'll be millions of people hanging out for its first wave of its downloadable content.

But, uh, when is it coming out?

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has said "DLC is planned fir the wonderfully vauge timeframe of Spring.". There are many instances of (sic) in that sentence.

So, Spring! Not too long to wait. You've only got to ride out the rest of Fall. Then all of Winter (antipodeans, reverse that). Then you'll get your hands on it.

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    Except it's been shown that it's already coded into the game :(

      To put it simply, what is coded in is a slot, allowing the content to be plugged in when downloaded.

      The content itself isn't on the DVD waiting to be unlocked. I do need to clarify that some of the content of the current game will be re-used (at the very least weapon and character models, animations and sound FX and likely much more) , how much I cannot be certain, but the actual missions don't exist on the DVD yet.

      Do you honestly feel there's not enough content in the game? Honestly? If you do, then fine - you're hard to please, but fine. If you don't, then what the fuck difference does it make if the framework for the DLC - or even the DLC itself - is coded in already?

        Haha, way to get all worked up. Bit of a fan, much?

    i see it as March as the usual cycle goes, with free DLC in between just for new modes

      it will be march to try to counter the BC2 launch. i won't even notice the DLC come march with both BC2 and skate3 dropping around the same time

    I haven't touched the game in over a week. Assassin's has taken my breath away.

    That says a lot about MW2!

    Do they just leave some of the game out at launch, or do they actually make more game than they would have? Who can say... only them.

      So that they have something to use for DLC, I mean.

      *cough* Dragon-Age *cough* Stone Prisoner / Wardens Keep *cough*

    The 3 modes shown in the game is definitely not worthy of a DLC itself. 1 flag CTF? Boring. Thermonuclear War? Takes like a bajillion minutes to capture the nuke, unless it doesn't reset to 0 it'll be impossible to capture with people rushing in all the time. VIP? Not playable so I dunno. But I think those 3 modes might be gamemodes that they were going to include in the original game but had cut out because they thought it wasn't that good.

    Antipodeans? We've given up on the game until they patch it with a local filter.

      Speak for yourself.

      I havent given up on the game. i still love it but yes a better matchmaking system would be nice. until then, if we get it, ill just keep dealing with it how it is.

    To successfully play MW2 online I have:

    - Run a 15m cable through three rooms in our house from the router to my 360 to get a better NAT type,

    - Bought a new ADSL2+ Modem/Router to replace our outdated ADSL dinosaur,

    - Sat patiently for hours, staring at the screen only to finally get into a game with a maximum of 3 bar connection and 50ms ping,

    - Suffered the indignity of being pwned by 12 year old Americans who giggle like little schoolgirls because we have no dedicated servers and/or local filter for MP

    - Alienated my GF who does not understand why I would go to so much trouble just to play some silly online game

    Please Activision/IW, for the sake of my GF/pocket/feng shui/mental health PLEASE include an update with local matchmaking options

    #end rant

    WOW are people seriously have that much trouble with this game??

    As i said i haven't played it in over a week - but for what i have, online has been fairly simple for me. Even red bar matches were fairly fine. Of corse the odd death when if i had green bar i would have got the kill - but i haven't experienced any major lag in my games.

    I've mostly received yellow or green bar matches. My NAT Type is Moderate (it WAS open until i started to play MW2 - cause when i played Halo last no message popped up which i presumed meant i was Open). AND i also play through the Wireless Adapter and the ADSL2+ modem is nearly 2 rooms away.

    Obviously some people are just getting the bad luck of things with MW2 cause quite frankly and IMO and experience, we ain't getting jipped that much.

      I'm having great fun playing it. I've even got MVP being a red bar playin with all green bar players, sure you are at a disadvantage but I've built a class specifically for this.

      Dodging choppers and AC130 is a great challenge and also a lot of fun when you've got the controls. Coming up with strategies when you come up against new "cheap kill" classes is also great fun, with countermeasures available for pretty much everything.

      A lot of thought has gone into this game.

      Its funny thing is that I lag the most when I'm on a green bar and a majority of everyone else is red - thats p2p servers for you I guess.

      But I agree, I haven't had a single issue with the pings. As said, sure theres times where I would have got the kill or they wouldn't have seen me before I saw them moments but overall its still comfortable to play.

        I think the key to enjoying this game is to not take it too seriously and have some fun.

    Of coure if you are a lousy shot like me, red bars are the worst to get. I go from lousy to plainly not hitting anything because a dude already ran past you

    a must read article:

    Why are there XBOX LIVE Strings in a PC game?? HMMmmm.

    I think as an overall package this game is good but it could have been so much better with dedicated server support !!! I am sick of connecting to england or north korea or some other absurdity !! when joining games quit the lobby if it raises above 50ms ping and try once again and you should gain a good connection .. if you get in at the right time!

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