Some Old Friends Return In Valkyria Chronicles 2

And you thought there were only new kids to send off to die in Valkyria Chronicles. Not quite! Turns out two of the stars of the first game, poster-girl Alicia and Welkin, are back for more in Valkyria Chronicles 2.

They're not reprising starring roles for the PSP sequel, but still, they'll be in there as playable characters nonetheless, along with Lamarre from the anime and two characters (Mitnz and Julius) from the comic as well.

Welcome back, Alicia. It just wouldn't be the same without you. おなじみのあの夫婦が『戦場のヴァルキュリア2』に参戦決定![Dengeki]


    Whoa.. Welkin had major facial reconstructing.. Alicia.. You got moar hotsors =3

      I suppose they aren't kids anymore.

      Anyway, I have only watched the anime *cringe Does Alicia actually went glowing spear wielding apeshit in the game as well?

        Yes, yes she does. How's the anime btw?

          The anime was terrible. Skipped battles, rushed end, and too much focus on moping Alicia and Welkin.

            I'd have to agree. I played the PS3 game before watching the anime and the anime was a severe letdown. New characters that didn't actually add anything to the story, only using a very select few of the available soldiers from the game, and also made the main characters far more whiney than they needed to be. They also screwed up the ending by not including the post-war epilogue like the game did ~_~

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