Sony Aims To Create All-Encompassing Online Service Out Of PSN

Back in May, Sony talked about expanding the PlayStation Network to cover other hardware devices. Today the company further details these plans, leveraging the PSN infrastructure to create an online service for all Sony hardware.

The PlayStation Network has been a big hit with PlayStation 3 and PSP owners, and now Sony wants to bring the same experience to other areas of hardware, including televisions, MP3 players, ebook readers and laptops. According to a Sony presentation delivered this morning, the same infrastructure that is used to deliver video and games to the PlayStation and PSP will be used to deliver games, video, music and ebooks to other Sony devices. Consumers would connect to the Sony Online Service using a single user ID, meaning that most likely your PlayStation Network ID would also be your Sony Online Service ID as well.

The network would also be used for devices like digital cameras, allowing users to share their photos and videos directly with the PlayStation 3, PSP or newer Sony televisions without requiring the use of a computer or memory card.

A unified service would further strengthen Sony as a brand, while giving users a unified interface familiar across all products. If they pull it off, it should be a real boon to the company, with hardware users knowing exactly what to expect when they purchase a Sony product.


    I'll believe it when I see it...start with cross-game chat maybe?

    Really it's just sad that it's taken them this long to only be able to put it into a slide in a presentation. In 2000 Ken Kutaragi was talking about having a movie and music download service for the Playstation 2 when it would be released. 9 years later and with the Playstation 3, they've finally done that.
    Sony are slow. Ultimately what they need to do is to integrate everything, if you purchase a song on your Playstation 3 it should be then be on your PSP, your sony ericcson mobile, your VAIO, your walkman and your e-book reader. If you buy a comic on your PSP, it should be able to go on your e-book reader, your VAIO and your PS3.
    They need to hurry up and make an integrated home syncing platform/software solution to keep all your devices in order and communicating your content to each other. Maybe this will happen in another 9 years.

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