Sony Boss Takes A Swing Or Two At The Wii

With sales of the PS3 on the rebound, Sony are starting to get a little of their old swagger back.

Speaking with, Sony Computer Entertainment boss Andrew House has taken a couple of shots not at his company's arch-rival, the Xbox 360, but at the Wii, a console he says is experiencing quite the "downturn".

"I think at a time when we're seeing one of the major competitors somewhat losing a sense of momentum - at least in many of the markets I've looked at - it's gratifying to see a platform that's always had a very significant share of sales go to third party publishers capture that momentum again", he says.

"The knock-on effect can only be a positive one if publishers are making up 75 per cent of the sales on a particular platform, as opposed to a much smaller share elsewhere, then that's the platform I think it's in their interests to see succeed - and I think that's the dynamic we're seeing return right now."

Asked to clarify exactly which "competitor" he was talking about, House elaborates. "From data that we're starting to see, in some of the publicly-released figures, we're seeing a significant year-on-year downturn for the Wii. I think that's just a factor of this Holiday season."

Hey, it's been a rough few years for Sony. Let him have his fun.

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    They were talking about this before. Yes, the wii is SELLING LESS then it was before, but lets put things in perspective. Since the Wii has launched it has sold like hotcakes. So much so that almost every casual gamer and their grandmother have one as well as the Nintendo hardcore. Sure they might be selling the bajillion consoles they were on launch or a couple of years ago but they still by far still selling impressive numbers of consoles.

    I wouldn't be crowing if I was overseeing the same cash burn-rate this guy is. Even if the PS3 were to skyrocket and dominate, Sony has zero chance of recoup.

    Awww the sony boss wants to play "im good too!". How cute

    Nintendo probably find it quite hilarious.

    Their console has put a fresh cash injection straight into the company after the failure of the GC. Nintendo make money on every sale of the Wii.

    Sony, despite the new design and price drops, are still losing money on every PS3 console sold and all that money Sony made on their two previous consoles? Yeah, it's all gone, the PS3 saw to that. Sony are just putting their hopes into software sales now.

    in Japan, PS3's arch rival is Wii. For the rest of the world, it will be XBox360 or even PS2

    Hey, it's gotta stop selling some time. Every man and his dog has one. Stop charging an arm and a leg for the console and games and maybe YOUR sales could be like that too. :P

    Lol who cares, Sony is last place. LOL!!!

      Investors like to see real growth, not sales. Which is why Activision shares haven't really moved despite MW2.

    Swinging? Being a tad dramatic arent you?

    WTF, I think a lot of people (including the article's writer) is misinterpreting what he's saying. He's not having a dig, someone asked the question and he's given them an answer. What more do you people want? If he were having a dig he'd say something like "its not like we expected the Wii to continue to sell; its crap afterall".

    Everyone chill... THINK about it before you speak.

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