Sony: Physical Games Not Going Anywhere

Despite the release of the digital-only PSPgo and an increasing push towards the delivery of content over the PlayStation Network, Sony would like you all to know that traditional, boxed stuff is "not going away any time soon".

"Make no mistake", SCEE boss Andrew House told, "when you're looking at PS3 games and you're seeing the shift in the sheer size of the data that's becoming available, the packaged media business is not going away any time soon".

The "shift" he's talking about is the number of people realising their PS3s can connect to the internet, connect to the PSN, then buy games off it.

"I think there's been an overstatement there potentially, and then a backlash to that - but I don't think we were really responsible for that overstatement, so we're not really part and parcel of the backlash, if that makes sense."

Not really, no! But hey, if Blu-Rays and UMDs are going to be coming down the pipeline for a whiles yet, you got your point across.

Packaged media "not going away any time soon" - House []


    i know where sony is going with digital distrabution but not everyone has access to either high speed wireless internet for or ADSL2+.

      neither do people have access to unlimited downloads, or the US PSN store, the aussie store is a joke content wise by comparison

    blu ray games/movies down the pipe? that could be up to 50 gigs of data...

    really, you don't say. what else would sony say but blu-ray blu-ray blu-ray

    otherwise it is pretty short sighted of them because i will happily buy full games online. there is a benefit to it for us lazy couch potatoes who don't feel like getting up all the time to change a game disk. i quite enjoy the fact that Trials HD and BF1943 are on my 360 HDD.

    if the savings in freight, packaging are passed on to the consumer then i would download. unfortunately it also gives them a monopoly over their market at which point the saving will NOT be passed on.

    Despite how lazy you are, not being able to change the disk is a bad sign.

    Physical Media beats Digital every time, maybe except for those lame Arcade games.

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