Sony To Upgrade PS3 Consoles To 3D

In a presentation detailing Sony's plans to become profitable by the end of 2010, Sony revealed plans to upgrade PlayStation 3 consoles with full 3D support.

The news supports previous reports on Sony's 3D PlayStation 3 strategy, suggesting that a firmware upgrade would introduce the capability to existing consoles. Not only does Sony plan on upgrading the console to support 3D, but release games in 3D as well in order to take advantage of the enhanced capabilities.

Of course, 3D games and 3D televisions would go hand-in-hand, so adding the capability to the PlayStation 3 would definitely help drive at least a few television sales.

Would you purchase a new television to support 3D gaming, or is Sony seeing things?


    I have an HD tv and for me just that feature doesn't really warrant paying all that money when the feature isn't really THAT impressive. For me it was less immersive somewhat

    Yeah considering the novelty value of 3D vs the cost I'll just stick to the cinema if I feel the urge. Well, until my tv busts.

    3D?!? Where's the 4th dimensional gaming experience they promised when the PS3 was released?!?

      The 4th dimension is time... therefor when you play a game or use your PS3, which takes time, you get your 4th dimensional experience.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, goggles are a terrible idea in the home.

      yes but goggles will be done away and you can put on contact lens which provide the 3D experience but just do go out with them or you'll just see double :p

    I'm a big Sony fan, but I certainly wont be buying another HD television set to play 3D games. They need to find a way to incorporate that technology into existing devices... I mean they are able to do that at the cinemas; why not on home HD theatre devices? I really do hope they find a way, cause it sounds really promising.

    Read up on some polarized 3D people. Here's why not on home HD theatre devices - the polarized light requires special cameras and a special canvas to project onto. 2D Canvas screens at Cinemas are made to only reflect back a certain polarization of light in order to keep the image clean so it may be possible to just use a wall at home - or you may find that currently at the cinemas they have a special canvas that reflects back the two different polarizations of light.

    The goggles then block certain polarizations so a different image reaches each eye. That's why they're necessary.

    On the topic of incorporating the technology into existing devices - that would be FREAKING awesome. But unforetunately because of the tech involved behind the scenes and the short sightedness of television manufacturers in not supporting this (and still barely supporting it now) it's not possible - though I wish it was so, I want some 3D gaming but I'll be damned if I have to buy a new TV to get it.

    Seems kind of strange to want to go this route to be honest - games had this ages ago where the 2 screens were in the goggles and it didn't prove to be that impressive. But if home video is going to go 3D then it means games will go 3D and suffer because of it :(

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