Southpeak Grabs TNA From Midway's Bankruptcy Sale

TNA Wrestling fans will get their future fix of dramatic squared circle action courtesy of publisher Southpeak Interactive. The company has apparently looted the TNA Wrestling licence from the corpse of Midway, responsible for TNA iMPACT! (pictured).

Southpeak will release TNA iMPACT: Cross the Line for PSP, PSPgo and Nintendo DS at an unspecified date, with future TNA Wrestling licensed games sounding likely, according to a press release from the publisher.

The TNA licence was acquired as part of the bankruptcy sell-off of Midway. Warner Bros. invested in a large stake of what Midway published and developed, but it did not pony up the cash for TNA it seems. THQ, doing its part, acquired the San Diego–based development studio responsible for Midway's pro wrestling titles.

Perhaps the Southpeak TNA effort will fare better than what Midway's team brought to the ring.

SouthPeak Interactive Corporation Reports Results for Fiscal Q1 2010 [Southpeak Interactive]


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