Splinter Cell Conviction To Co-op Once Again

Ubisoft won't let Splinter Cell fans fond of cooperative multiplayer down with Sam Fisher's upcoming adventure. Splinter Cell Conviction is reported to have some form of co-op as well as a "new mode" that should be revealed shortly.

CVG cites PC Zone as the source of that cooperative multiplayer reveal, also pointing out that Conviction won't be the first Splinter Cell title to feature the option. But what Ubisoft Montreal has planned for the Xbox 360 and PC game we won't know until the feature is officially unveiled.

Splinter Cell Conviction has co-op, "new mode" [CVG]


    It wouldn't make sense to have co-op for the campaign so i would totally understand (and wouldn't be surprised) if Ubisoft said it wasn't available.

    I guess some sort of Special-Ops multiplayer like it is in MW2. Or even a small, campaign dedicated to multiplayer perhaps. Short, sweet missions. Even perhaps say a few, 5 perhaps i dunno, missions within the campaign where Sam works with a long-term friend as available as a co-op mission or with a NPC.

    Either way, Game of the Year for me already and we haven't even made it to 2010 yet. I totally forgot about multiplayer and it just makes me even more excited. This game WILL NOT let me down. And without multiplayer, it still wouldn't.

      Have you forgotten about Chaos Theory? They already did co-op that tied into the story, only you didn't play as Sam.

      Of course they did co-op in Double Agent as well, but it wasn't as good...

        I liked double agents co-op better than chaos theory tbh.
        But then again i liked chaos theory's single player better than double agents.

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