Square Enix Makes FF XIII Announcement Announcement Official

This Friday, North American Final Fantasy fans will want to pay close attention to Square Enix, as the company promises "a FINAL FANTASY XIII announcement you won't want to miss!"

Yes, as the Final Fantasy faithful have likely already predicted, this Friday, November 13, Square Enix plans an announcement, announcing that announcement of announcements on the publisher's official blog. What will it be? Oh, we're guessing that it has something to do with the game's North American release date, a date that looks more and more like spring of 2010, possibly arriving before April — and after the Japanese release on December 17.

While a North American release date is exciting, it's nothing if Square Enix fails to bring soft pink Final Fantasy XIII themed PlayStation 3 hardware to these shores.


    Seeing as it's a black Friday, my superstitious side predicts the huge announcement will be a delay till 2011 as translating the game is somewhat harder than expected.

      If that happened, I think Square Enix executives would fire the whole localisation team. Haha..

    By the way, there's a counter on the European site of Final Fantasy XIII indicating an announcement is to be made on the 13th at 3:30pm.

    I want that Lightning PS3, badly. They should start recognising that the FF fanbase outside Japan is huuuuuge. If they could be bothered to use ye olde English for FFXII they should bother making more merchandise for the western market.

    I am hereby announcing that on December 15th I will have something to say about this story... possibly even... an announcement!

      people people pay attention go watch the trailer on the official english based website the game is already translated the voices are in english look at the screen shots the info bars such as comman and item selection are in both english and japanese all that needs to be done is code conversion or is it done already this announcement is for ff13 eu and us markets yes it must be the realease date maybe sooner than we think orm knowing SE it will just be something silly like a code to give an exlusive item in ff14 online! well only 38 mins to goooooooo!

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