Star Trek Online Open Beta Stardated

Boldly go where only closed beta testers have gone before this January, when Cryptic launches the open beta test for Star Trek Online on stardate 63497.

For those of you not up to par on your Star Trek calendar, that's actually January 12, 2010. The open beta will run through to January 26, giving players two weeks to play the game prior to the February launch. Open beta keys will be given out on a first come, first serve basis, with players urged to watch the game's official website at to keep abreast of the situation.

"We are excited to announce the dates for the open beta phase as this is one of the final steps in launching Star Trek Online to the public," said Craig Zinkievich, Executive Producer on Star Trek Online. "We are looking forward to the launch of our first-of-a-kind MMORPG with anticipation and excitement and we expect Star Trek Online to explode onto the scene, giving fans and gamers a Star Trek experience like no other."

Star Trek would be a much bigger hit with the fans if video game website writers didn't have to covert dates to stardates of their own accord. Just sayin'.


    A 2 week open beta? I hope they're already in closed beta... (haven't gotten an invite yet so I dunno!)

      Pretty certain its seen a closed beta... I could be wrong but I'm pretty certain.

    You would hope that those who applied but not yet accepted for Closed Beta would get first dibs on an Open Beta.

    Closed beta started back in October.
    If anyone bought the 6 month or Lifetime Champions sub will get a closed beta invite soon or by the end of December (and I think it will include Open Beta).

    I wish Namco Bandai (which bought Atari Australia) would hurry up and start releasing details for preorder here in Australia! In the US Amazon is offering a Borg Bridge officer ( with their preorder and GameStop is offering a Classic Enterprise ship ( with their offer.
    Namco Bandai hurry up and start the preorder offers here in Australia!!

    I can frigen wait for this game i wont to know the preorder for aus too

    Sorry that was a can't frigen wait

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