Star Trek Online Sets Phasers On February Release

February is a month for love, and there is no greater love than a fan's love of Star Trek, so it's appropriate that Atari and Cryptic announce a February release date for Star Trek Online.

Star Trek Online is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game based in the near future, or at least the near future of the Star Trek universe. Players become high-ranking Starfleet officers, customising their ships and boldly going many different places, both in space or planet side. Beta testing is now underway, and will likely continue until the game's newly-announced February 2 North American release date.

"Star Trek Online is poised to become the ultimate Star Trek gaming experience," said Jim Wilson, CEO of Atari, Inc. "Throughout the last four decades, Star Trek has been a mainstay in pop culture, influencing legions of fans through television, film and more. Star Trek Online opens a whole new chapter and expands upon this incredible universe in 2010."

While I am excited by the concept of the game, the more stats-based side of me is even more interested in seeing how many Trek fans take to the game. It could become the new online destination for Trek fandom, or it could wind up one of those deserts where the crew of the Enterprise tends to run across the odd megalomaniac robot.


    I was interested in this way back when some other developer was working on it.. But the new devs have only had this for what? 1 - 2 years? In contrast to the new Starwars mmo which is projected to be like over 4 years in development

    This will likely be another Age of Conan, with the newly adopted quiting way before they properly finish it.

    WTB Australian release confirmation!!!

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