Stardock: Steam Has 70% Of PC Download Market

Just about everybody involved with digital distribution is coy when it comes to sales numbers. Nobody wants to give the game away. But that doesn't stop some — like publishers/online retailers Stardock — from trying to guess!

Stardock boss Brad Wardell says "Our estimation is that Steam — as the current market leader — enjoys approximately 70 per cent of the overall digital distribution market with Impulse at 10 per cent and all others combined at 20 per cent in terms of actual dollars generated per month".

While we have our doubts that Stardock's Impulse service is at #2 (surely Direct2Drive is bigger?), Steam's 70 per cent figure is — if it checks out — both interesting and frightening at the same time. That's about the same level of market domination Apple enjoys in the music player scene.

Quick: Name another portable music device that's not an iPod. Off the top of your head. Now tell me how many people you know own an iPod compared to a portable music device that's not an iPod.


[via Gamasutra]


    Well christ Stardock, maybe if you didn't make me download your stupid client to uninstall your stupid programs and then it doesn't even work - I'd have a bit more respect for you.

    Zune! and one person.....

    Yeah. Impulse doesn't hold a candle to Steam.

    As long as Valve to continue to produce a top notch product I'll keep supporting it.

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