Steam Launches 5-Day 1-Day Holiday Sale

Steam loves a good sale, so this holiday season they've packed five sales into one, with five different one-day sales running between now and November 30th, starting with savings on Dragon Age, Batman, and more.

Steam kicks off the sale with a slightly longer one-day event, running from now until Friday morning at 8AM Pacific. They've got Dragon Age: Origins for 25% off; Batman: Arkham Aslyum for 50% off; Grid for %75 off, and several other interesting deals. On Friday they shift to a 24-hour schedule, with a new one-day sale kicking off every day until Monday.

On top of the game deals, they'll be running bundle specials for the length of the event, with 15 THQ games or 16 LucasArts titles on sale for $US49.99 per pack. The prices are insane!

Keep an eye on Steam all weekend long for more wondrous deals.

Kotaku AU Note: Everyone should buy Far Cry 2 for $US9.99. It comes with the Fortunes DLC pack as well.


    Eh, pass on FC2. Securom...

    DA:O sale already? Oh well. Worth full price anyway.

      how does Securom screw up a digital download!?

        It never gets removed even if a digtal download is used, :-(.

    This is EXTREMELY fortunate timing for me. Alot of those games in that THQ bundle I've been wanting for a while, especially now that I've gotten into RTS games.

      Yeah, totally worth it for DoWII alone! :D

    Shall have to keep an eye on what comes up on sale. :3

    Pass on farcry 2 aswell. I borrowed a friends copy, got bored after a handful of missions. Great idea, fantastic concept, very poorly executed :(

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