Strategy Game Mecho Wars Goes Online

One of the iPhone and iPod Touch's answers to Advanced Wars now supports online play.

I mostly-loved Mecho Wars when I reviewed it a few months ago. But one of the big things the game was missing was online multiplayer.

Earlier this week game developers Oyaji released an ad-supported free version of the game that allows players to battle one another over a Wi-Fi connection.

The game, which uses OpenFeint for online support, allows you to select turn time limits ranging from five minutes to 24 hours. There are also four game modes: Conquer, gold differ, assassination and annihilation.

If you'd rather not deal with the ads, which are pretty low-key, and want access to the full game, including several single-player campaigns, you can buy the full version of Mecho Wars for $1.19 which also includes the online play.


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