Strippers Or Counter-Strike — Which Gets A Gamer's Attention?

Over in Moscow, two top Counter-Strike teams met in a LAN contest. As soon as they started runnin' and gunnin' however, the promoter threw in a surprise to test the team's focus: Strippers. Russian strippers. Let's get to the NSFW!

English Russia reports that:

"it was impossible to put an attention of those hopeless men off. The game was drawing to a close and the ladies were sweating as much as they could, but the eyes of the tough players were nailed to the screens tight."

In the matchup, the team forZe bested rival

I pulled ten pics from English Russia, galleried below. There are tons more at the link.

Hot Gaming [English Russia, thanks to Kevin!]


    :( I'd be too distracted to bother with the game anymore.

    Seriously guys, it's only a game.

    It's true, ladies and gentleman. Counter-Strike players do not have a penis.

    These are professional players, they'd be making a whole lot more money playing that game than staring at strippers.

      This. Who cares about some random tramps when you have probably thousands riding on this match?

    These men are professionals! It means these players have self-control and focus, and aren't deterred by such trivial distractions. Power to them!

    Power to them? Power to straight-edge h*m*s if thats what you mean.

    Yeah okay they're professionals but this was all done in a joking matter. Relax, stress less and enjoy the moment with free hot strippers.

    Whats ONE LAN competition gonna do if you lose. Make it up on the next one.

      one Lan comp such as that? only around $10,000. but hey if you wanna throw away that to look at some naked women. that's your choice

      With the $10k, they can hire a few hookers to make up for the lack of staring at strippers.

    Bah. They probably get enough pr0n that a stripper or two doesn't get them up anymore.

    In Soviet Russia, stripper pays you!, I apologise... also, was this some kind of competition only for gay gamers? Half of them didn't flinch... I'd be like "hey baby, you wanna click my mouse?"

    Not hard to ignore the strippers when one of them has had a c-section.

    Quit it before you hit it, thats my moto:P

    FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF every lan I ever attended was a nightmare .. a NIGHTMAREEEEEEEEEEE

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