Study Finds Wii Fit Produces "Underwhelming Results"

Anyone who does proper exercise could have pointed this out, but it's always nice to have it in writing; the American Council on Exercise have claimed that Nintendo's Wii Fit produces "underwhelming results".

The group has released a report on the super-popular home fitness program, drawing on research performed by the University of Wisconsin. And this report has found that even Wii Fit's most physically taxing workouts can't hold a candle to actual exercise.

Wii Fit's boxing, for example, burns only one-third of the calories of actual boxing, while the other four most intensive modes — Free Island Run, Super Hula Hoop, Advanced Step and Free Step — only burned between 100 and 160 calories for every 30 minutes of exercise. Considering a cheeseburger has around 300 calories, you'll be on Wii Fit all day if you want to really burn some fat.

Perhaps most damning/hilarious, however, is the report's finding that while Wii Fit burns more calories than a regular game — where you're doing nothing — it's not as good for you as a session on Nintendo's own Wii Sports.

Ah, the power of marketing. American Council on Exercise Charts 'Underwhelming' Wii Fit Health Benefits [Gamasutra]


    Perhaps if you stopped eating cheeseburgers you wouldn't have all the fat to burn, therefore reducing the need to be on the Wii "all day".

    do people excercise with this thing instead of being manly and playing sports /gym?

    I feel sorry to all the Soccer Mums out there who forked out a crapload of money on getting Wii related fitness junk to try and shape up with it.

    You're pain is felt everytime I sell one of those crappy Sport Accessories and tacky looking shovelware games.

    I thought it was common knowledge only idiots buy wii's

    So true, Wii fit is completely useless.

    It isn't completely useless at all. Quite a few of my friends are single mums and they just can't get out of the house and to the gym with any real regularity. For them Wii fit has gotten them into a regular exercise routine, they workout regularly even if it isn't a super-hard workout, they have managed to get into the routine. It makes them think about what they eat and they have goals and compare and encourage each other. It was the motivation they needed to feel better about themselves and start getting healthier. On it's own it doesn't do a lot, but it can help some people who are pretty much house-bound get some motivation and it is working for them.

    Also, 320 calories burned per hour isn't bad. Circuit training only burns

    sorry, it submitted for some reason, was going to say that a general circuit training class only burns around 450 calories per hous, an arobics class around 300, leisure cycling around 200 calories, tennis around 350-450, power-walking around 230... So as a general fitness thing, 320 calories per hour is quite reasonable.

    The negativity in the comments is amazing; from underwhelming cardio in the article to idiots, crap and shovelware in the comments.

    It seems to forget about the benefits of the yoga exercises and the muscle exercises; calorie counting is not the be all and end all of exercising.

    If you think its underwhelming, jump on and do 50 of the press-ups.

    While I think the Wii Fit craze was a bit silly, some of their findings are equally as absurd.

    "Wii Fit’s boxing, for example, burns only one-third of the calories of actual boxing"

    And you don't risk getting brain damage, broken bones, or outright death by engaging in Wii Boxing. I think it's a worthwhile trade-off...

    The wii fit is a million miles away from true fitness training and if you do get any benefit from it then it says more about your own lifestyle than the product.

    If you don't understand what true fitness training is by the time you are 30 you never will.



      I surf quite often, sometimes my sessions are 2 - 3 hours a go, sometimes I surf 3 times a day. This keeps me fit, and gives me a great work out.
      The Wii surprisingly brings up a swaet, and I have woken up sore the next day after fighting in 10 boxing fights.
      Mike, I think you need to calm down and think. The Wii is not trying to replace intense training, it has never stated that it does. All the Wii is, is an "entertainment" console that can assist people with having some form of exercise. Mike, if you can't realise that very simple explanation by the time YOU are 30, YOU never will.

    I'm pretty sure wii fit was never advertised as an intense muscle building piece of equipment. All of the Jocks and know-it-all fitness people need to take a xanax. My kids and I like the wii sports and I love the wii fit. Instead of my Personal trainer, who's main goal it seems, was to make me feel like crap and hurt for days in a row, the wii fit has actually made me enjoy exercise. And, before someone says "It's not real exercise" just shut up already. If my goal is to learn some yoga moves and tone up a little and OMG have a little fun along the way then I will use the wii fit and accomplish alll of the above. So....drink your protein shakes, and slurp down your creatine after your work outs, and then take your roid rage to a different website and leave those of us that love our wii fit alone.

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