Study: Playing Games Hurts Income, By The Minute

Studies about video games say the darnedest things. Either it is plainly obvious that being a gamer hurts your income — because you have to spend money on these games! — or there is a mathematical revelation here.

The New-Brunswick Telegraph Journal reports the findings of Economics student Ryan MacLeod, who has crunched some demographics numbers to determine that, the more men play games, the more their income drops.

He's put a number on that, the paper reports:

The effect is so notable that for every minute a video game is played, MacLeod's research suggests gamers can expect a 0.4 per cent decrease in income.

And more from MacLeod:

"My work confirms that, in general, the more income a person has, the more time they spent playing video games," MacLeod said. "But that playing video games could also have a negative effect on a person's income."

I've long wondered how much money avid gamers commit to their gaming hobby each year. When you add and subtract all your game purchases, trade-ins and whatnot, what's the tab at year's end? And, as the story notes, if your income is lower, is it because of some subtle effect playing games has on earning power? Or is it simply that you played games so much, you cost yourself time that could have been used to make more income?

Mt. A student's research finds playing video games can lead to lower income



    Good thing I'm not in QA, they must have to pay money to work.

    This just in -

    "Sleeping costs you money.. every minute spent sleeping you could have been working..."

    Seriously! Gaming actually saves me money! Chilling out at home is much cheaper than heading out and paying for drinks, meal, petrol... I love cars, and GT lets me burn around and modify cars and so forth... with out games, i would have a couple of extra project cars in the carport and a LOT less cash in the bank!

    So basically any hobby costs you money.... but as usual lets just single out gamers to get attention! Hmmm...

    "The effect is so notable that for every minute a video game is played, MacLeod’s research suggests gamers can expect a 0.4 per cent decrease in income."

    so u play for 5 hrs u lose all your income?
    or it could be multiplitive so u play 30 mins a day for a month and u lose 98% of your income to gaming?

    If your going to pick a figure at least think it through stupid researchers.

      Le_Chimp, it's impossible to say without seeing the paper, but I imagine that he's talking about average minutes per day, not a cumulative count of all minutes played.

      In your second example with the 30mins per day, that would equate to either a 12% loss or an 11.3% loss depending on whether the 0.4% is compounded per minute or not. Interpreting it this way, it doesn't seem like an unreasonable outcome.

    OH NOES! games cost me money so i should not play games or spend money! what is the point of an income if to not spend some of it? Also if you have more cashola you buy more games. Hmm thankyou Ryan Macobvious economic student extraordinaire!!!!!!!!!

    Great! I didn't know buying goods and services cost money. No wonder my shiny bead bartering hasn't gotten me anywhere.
    Now do the same "research" with smoking. then divide the amount of pleasure derived from each session.

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