Super Street Fighter IV Getting Three More Fighters

Muay Thai fighter Adon from Street Fighter Alpha and Final Fight character Cody and Guy are the latest characters announced for SSFIV.

Cody is decked out in his Street Fighter Alpha 3 prison garb.

Super Street Fighter IV is slated for early 2010 on the PS3 and Xbox 360.


    Some good additions to the SF4 roster in my opinion, Adon probably intrigues me the most. So what are we left with now, 2 more characters unannounced?

      Adon is a new add-on character

      ho-ho I made a semi-funnie...

    It seems that Capcom have gone from removing nearly any chance of me picking this up to teasing me with tasty morsels like this. Now if they only acknowledged that SF3 exists canonically, rather than ever-so-slightly retconning it, I'd be pretty much sold.

    Ibuki and Karin!

    Well, this is looking to match the leaked list from a month or so back pretty well. In other words...


    YES!!! the three characters i was hoping for!

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