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    Did anyone else see this article?

    Did it send you into a rage like it did to me?
    Maybe I'm more of a Nintendo fanboy than I thought, but the sheer number of baseless claims and logical leaps of faith to beat up Apple at the expense of Nintendo had me ruffled.

      just had a quick read over it and it seems like a very misinformed article to me...

      I don't hold any particular gaming company on any particular pedestal, but at the moment i refuse to see any of apples products as a serious gaming platform...

      The article seems to suggest that iphone games are of a decent/acceptable standard compared to actually portable games consoles, when the truth couldn't be more the opposite... well for the majority of games that is..

      Granted apples do have a few decent games on their hardware, it's not enough for me to take seriously.. i mean lets face it, when you have a selection of 10's of thousands of games, it's a given that you'll eventually get something worth playing... but there's no consistency..

      as far as i'm concerned it's just a FAD that will be dead soon enough, just like Ed Hardy Clothing...

        Kapow!! take that Ed Hardy!

        I dont know why the pspgo didn't add even a basic mobile phone in it...??? Seemed logical to me.

        I agree.

        Until i see a hardcore game like GTA:Chinatown Wars or a lengthy RPG of Final fantasy quality on a iThing, its just a gimmick by apple to sell a "it does everything" device

          Try Zenonia or Vey, both are decent RPGs and about as much as you can realistically expect from the iphone.

          The iphone has x-plane flight simulator available which I haven't tried, but if it's 1/3 of the depth of the PC version, then it has more depth than any other handheld game.

        My thoughts exactly, Chuloopa.
        Also, calling Nintendo's platforms and properties "quickly aging" seems completely at odds with the strong and growing performance in sales and reviews of said properties.
        To me the article misses the mark from both a Gaming and Business perspective. Shocking journalism.

        Considering over 20 million iPhones have been sold, I'd hardly call it a "fad".

          I meant the gaming aspect, not the phone itself.

          A lot of the games are exactly that, with very few offering levels of playability beyond the initial novelty. The only few I can think of are the Popcap games (Bejewelled, Peggle, Bookworm etc), Flight Control or Doom & Wolf 3d. A lot of the other stuff is disposable entertainment: Play for a couple of hours, then don't go back to it again.

    Playing through tekken 6...Not bad.
    I thought The campaign mode was 2 players? had mates over and tried to play it with them offline but no joy.

    OK Kotaku readers help me out...

    I have always played action games and refused to get involved with RPGs. One fateful day I decided to give Fallout 3 a go though and loved it. I realised I actually don't mind this whole RPG genre and have just knocked off a good 40 hours or so playing Oblivion.

    So tell me... what RPGs on PS3 should I get my hands on from the last couple of years? I prefer the fighting/gun play side of Fallout/Oblivion to the magic shit.

      To be honest, I can't think of much beyond what you've mentioned there (ie. Fallout & Oblivion). Borderlands would be the closet thing I can think of, but even that's more action than RPG. If you're willing to dive into the "magic shit", check out Disgaea 3. It's a fantasy turn-based RPG with massive amounts of depth.

      I can only suggest Borderlands. Unless you have access to a PC or Xbox360, then Mass Effect would be right up your alley too.

      no mention of Dragon Age here for some reason

      thing is with RPG's cos there big theres not as many of them around even fewer now that its more profitable to make MMO's instead

      theres some great ones for the PC that go back a couple of years only problem is that if your a Graphix nazi youll try stab your eyes out

      Risen on PC is decent thats only a couple of months old

      Borderlands is decent has a poor storyline tho but since most of the fun comes from watching shit go BOOM!!! not really relevant

      Will get onto Borderlands and Mass Effect on PC.

      Cheers guys.

    was anyone else thoroughly UNimpressed with the MAG beta?

    I can't believe I used 2.8GB of monthly juice to play it.

      But was it epic? I don't own a PS3, does 256 player work well?

        no it isn't. it's damn confusing and extremely hard to spot enemies because of the graphics, which are fuzzy and dark and the character models/silhouettes are so....indiscernible.

        i only got into 64 player matches but there are 128 player matches in the BETA, i believe.

        i was hoping for something more along the lines of delta force/joint operations. there was no visible evidence of lag which is i salute but it just feels like a free to play online multiplayer shooter.

        it's also nice seeing XP pop up when you get a kill.

        /end rant.

          its a beta the Graphics will likely be way different by the time the full thing comes out

          anyone how played RA3 beta would have the same experience the graphics in that were <warcraft 3 graphics for beta

          2.8GB also hints at this since its only coming on PS3 itll be utilisting the abilitys of the Blu ray disc

      I've only spent a few hours with it but I quite enjoyed it. I didn't get a feeling for the 'epic' scope of the battle though.

      I think there's enough there to draw some of my time away from L4D and UrbanTerror.

      Holy biscuits yes! I've been thoroughly disappointed with most things I've experienced in MAG, especially matchmaking/deployment. I've given up many times after waiting for 15mins for a game to commence.

      Sure the levels are huge (albeit the same 4 quarters duplicated) and full scale battles are a technical marvel but, to be really harsh, MAG looks and feels like HOME.

        it is like HOME isn't it? it really looks shite.

    Where is cheapest copy of AC2 available?
    Dick smith has it for 77 online but im not sure if this is JUST online

      for picking up TODAY in sydney CBD

    I just got a E-mail over PSN saying that Sony plan to charge for Online Play. He also said that if 500,000 protest e-mails are send that they won't charge. After thinking it over, 500,000 would be a pretty easy number to make But i need confirmation. Please tell Sony aren't going to charge for PSN

    Dudes!! from out of nowhere my Ps3 has ABC Iview support. Check it out!

      By support I meant an option in the XMB. it opens in the Ps3 browser. so far though it seems broken :( maybe it doesn't like being wireless?

      Is this in the 3.10 update? I'd go check it out but the missus is glued to the Idol final. grrr.

      Yes! Confirmed - works well as well, even if it is just a web page that seems to be set up for the PS3

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