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    Colour me stupid or something, but is it possible to go to the US version of Kotaku through an AUS ISP? Everytime I type the url without .au it redirects me here... Even clicking on google links would redirect me here.


      There's a link at the top of the page. Click where it says "US". Can't imagine why you'd want to, though...

        Don't know if it's just me, but I can't read the US comments on the AU site. So if I want them I have to go to the US version (not that it's worth the effort most of the time).

        I shall share the same coat of stupid paint and colour myself as well and ask, how is it the some people get they're name in red?? Is it something to do with facebook? I want to be special too!!!

          Add a website to your comment :P

            Failing that (having a website that is), use the facebook commenter. Sadly it would only work if you aren't going incognito ;)


        Ok it's there, thanks David! The US version has way more comments to amuse me when I'm bored :D (proportionate to the size of readership I guess)

        I prefer the US layout as well, to be honest. And it's nice to see their comments straight away as well. Aaaaand I prefer the US commenting system.

        But that 'US' link on the top right is really kinda hard to click on, it seems to be partially covered by something or not mapped properly.. it's kinda weird.

          haha, I find there is also a dead area in the bottom left hand corner of any window/tab with Kotaku AU open, an invisible remnant of an advert to win a TV or something they ran many many months ago. It covers up 1/2 of the Submit Comment button for me. I probably should try clearing caches and the like to see if it gets rid of it, but that takes effort!

            I Firefox I can't click those links up there in the corner. IE is OK.

      Usually I comment with the name Raven on the gawker sites (giz, lh, kotaku, io9) but I'm still Aussie.

      Another tip is to type instead, if you've already visited it, it usually should go to the site if your computer already has been there in the past day.

    btw, did anyone see the ad for Left4Dead 2 on tv last night? Saying it's 'out now'..? Did I miss something? I thought this game had been refused classification here in Aus..... ??

      They refused the 'uncensored' (Re: Original) version of L4D2. The one available in Aussie is the heavily censored one, with about 100% less blood and body parts.

      Guess you havnt been here for the last month.
      how about you look at the posts on the site your commenting on.

        I can't resist...


      That add infuriates me so much (I presume you mean the Xbox360 one). The disclaimer at the bottom that the game contains gory violence and the like is just forcing salt into the wound!

    i cant stop playing srsly

      It's pretty freaking awesome.

    Assasins Creed 2 is top stuff.

    Didn't think Uncharted 2 would be challenged for GOTY but it is

    still think

    PS3 GOTY = UC2

    X360 = AC2

    Modern Warfare 2? PAH LEEZ, same rehashed stuff.

    Went to see David Strassman with the GF last night, and it was absolutely fantastic.
    If he's coming to your area soon and you're a fan i strongly suggest you go and see the show - well worth the admission price.
    Even got myself a talking Ted E Bare - awesome lol

      IF you like Strassman, look up Nina Conti on youtube. Definitely more adult but hilarious nonetheless.

    Dave you seen the smack laid down on Tony Hawk Ride by the US sites?

    Any comments, have you played it?

    Sounds like crap :)

      from what i can tell the game itself (aside from the board) is rubbish and nothing could save it. the game is just typical TH which never improved after the first couple. very little freedom from a game that is supposed to be like real skating. i think they missed the point of what skating is all about.

      there is nothing they can do about .skate being the new king of skating games. they have just nailed it to the point where everyone else should just go home.

    Dragon Age - Seriously... 70 hours in, and I think I'm nearing the end... I think...

      I've been considering purchasing this off Steam for $49.99, then it occured to me, I hope this doesn't see the same price rise as Borderlands...?? Same prices and all, perhaps the same 'error'? I bet if I wait a week (which I need to to gather the funds) its going to shoot up in price like Borderlands. Thats my call for the week. If I'm right, Dave's gonna give me a position at kotaku, giving him foot massages while he reviews games in the nude. (I'll never forget that one Dave ;-) )

        I picked it up for US$49.99 which roughly translated to AU$55 at the time. Absolute bargain at it's current price, especially considering the amount of playtime involved. 70 hours so far on my first play through, and I can see a lot of benefit in running a second playthough and going down a different path in the story. Although I may wait for more DLC or expansions to come out before I do that, just for the extra variety that would be added.

        It's distributed by EA, so I don't think they'll be so dodgy as to change the price now. (If they were going to screw us they already would have!)

      Agreed. Dragon Age... I think I'm near the end as well finally. But had to play through MW2 and ACII these past few weeks.

      Dragon Age great game and if you haven't unlocked the Shale character you are missing out. Currently my personal 2009 GOTY I think.

        The price has now dropped to $38 unfortunately 20GB is my entire internetz.

    PS3 content:

    Has anyone checked out the iView function on the cross media bar? I noticed it yesterday while looking for the facebook function and opened it up. I was surprised how cool it was, to watch any program straight away is convenient. The quality isn't super sharp like you would expect from a digitial tuner, but hey... TV on the PS3.

    Anyone know if there are any other channels coming?

      Wait, what, iView is out on ps3?? Like as in ABC's channel iView?? Obviously I've not had my ps3 on for ages, but I didn't see any news of this on Kotaku..?? Am I losing it? (no need to comment on that last question ppls)

        It's a sneak "update", some functions of the PS3 can be hidden until a certain date, etc...

        Considering that PlayTV is out this Thursday, the TV Icon would've just appeared then also, but it was made active last night...

        The icon just starts the web browser pointing at the standard iView flash application.

        All the performance improvements to the flash app were in 3.10 (I tried it right after upgrading). All that happened this weekend was the appearance of the new icon.

          *Puts on noob hat* Okay, I've fired u the pd3, done an update, but nada! I don't see any iview icon..??? Which section is it supposed to be found in?? Any ideas why mine is missing would be ace.

            its got its own section, between videos and music if i remeber correctly... Dont know why it would be missing, ur acc is set to australia??

    I've got 5 Google Wave invites kicking back doing nothing if anyone wants a look in. Reply to this or hit me up on twitter (@blahjedi) if you're keen.

      Make that 4 left now!


      Any chance I can get a wave invite, (username of this post) at yahoo dot com

        Sent! Should rock up in the next little while..

    I noticed something weird this week. With Michael Atkinson ranting and raving about the classification board not doing their job properly, I had a intensive look at the board's website. After being made happy that both The Saboteur and Heavy Rain have passed no problem, I became interested to see who exactly was on the board. A bunch of people each with their own bios were listed, along with photos. They are 14 people from all walks of life; Navy, journalism, mothers, corporate business. In addition to a simple description of who they were, their bio also made mention of their personal interests. And here's what I found strange: not a single person on the board had video games listed as one of their interests. There was reading, running, interior design, bushwalking, movies, swimming etc, but no video games.
    I'm not saying the board hate video games or anything like that but...isn't that a bit weird?

      It's certainly not representative of your views... file a grievance.

        I gave a presentation to the OFLC board around the time that the Hot Coffee controversy broke out *cough* - they're all just random folks, and if you take a look at what's required on their website you can see that there isn't too much required to apply for one of the roles.

        That said, they were all a bunch of decent people, and it seemed like a great place to work - and even back then, they were all aware that Mr Atkinson was a problem, rather than the content in the media that they were classifying.

    without money as a factor, whats the ultimate tv for gaming? size, brand, etc

      Pffft, tv? I've converted a room in my house to a full blown theater room, fully light controlled. Its the only way to go (my views only) for me. A screen of almost 3 meters, full 7.1 surround sound and a true 1080P projector. For the budget weary (like me) go for an Epson TW3000 or you may even find the TW2000 (older model) but pretty much equally as good. I run the TW2000 and couldn't be happier, I picked it up for $3000 from some online seller, which made for a scary wait I can tell you. But with the tw3000 out, you may find one cheaper.
      Only downside is this.
      To make my theater room, I kinda took over the loungeroom. Which meant until I could afford a new couch to go with my old TV, all me and my kids TV viewing was done on the projector. After 5 months (heavy) use, I had to change the bulb and at $500 ish a pop, its not too fun.
      But, I've now got a new couch and have set up a small tv viewing room, which saves the projector for gaming and movies, and you appreciate it much more.

    For those who haven't seen it, Steam is having a rediculous Black Friday Sale. I picked up Batman: Arkham Asylum for AUD$27.30

    Steam Black Friday Deals:
    Last day for these today, more to come tomorrow
    - Grid - US$7.49
    - Farcry 2 - US$9.99
    - Batman: Arkham Asylum - US$24.99
    - Dragon Age: Origins - US$37.49
    - Lucasarts Bundle - US$49.99
    Plus a few more

      Yeah, pick up a bunch of those games and its only day one of a five day sale.

      Say, bye bye money.

      Yeah the sale is massive.

      I'm wondering if I should hang onto my money or not for some games that I want to buy eventually (say, Dragon Age) but am in no rush to play now based on what the next few days may bring for my limited budget.

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