Team Fortress 2 Gets Updated A LOT

There's an interesting statistic to be found in a Gamasutra interview with Steam's Jason Holtman, published earlier today. Concerning Team Fortress 2, and just how often Valve feel the need to tinker with and improve the game.

Apparently since the game was released two years ago, there have been 97 updates for the game. 97! That's roughly one a week, and has to be some kind of record.

Sure, that speaks volumes about the commitment of Valve to the game and the ways Steam allows them to directly service their customers. That's surely why the point was made. But I like it because it shows how insanely passionate (not to mention important) TF2's vocal player base is, that their over-bearing presence has Valve so on their toes that they're updating a game on a weekly basis. Valve's Holtman: Digital Direct Gives Developers More Pricing Freedom [Gamasutra]


    And there's still 3 more class updates to come!

      3 More classes, and all the items, balances and tweaks from the Team Fortress Beta 2.0.

      Valve > All other companies.

    This is why I love Valve. Best value game I ever bought.

      Definitely, and the thing I still find incredible is that I not only go this fantastic game, but I also got HL2 and Portal essentially for free!
      I doubt there will be release again that gives you such a bargain at full price.

    Seriously, that's why Valve deserves a lot of cake.

    then look at how many updates the Xbox and PS3 versions have gotten..
    1 and 0

      don't bitch to Valve about it.. MS charge for each update and aren't particularly regular patch friendly.. and PS3? lol..

      TF2 and all Valve games are made by PC gamers for PC gamers.. console owners are lucky to have gotten a sniff of such a great game at all..

    I'm actually looking forward to the last few meet the class videos :D

    Fun fact: TF2 is awesome!

    Valve aren't silly, keeping TF2 alive for so long has brought countless people to Steam who have then subsequently gone on to purchase bucket loads of games from their regular sales. It's raking in huge dollars that neither Valve or the other Publishers / Developers would have seen a fraction of otherwise. It's terrific that there's so many independent developers caught up in benefiting from it too.

    Valve is a bazillion times better than what infinity ward will ever dream to be.

    On a side note: Gabe Newell, the CEO of Valve said they were "filthy rich."

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