Tekken 6 PSP Is Out, And This Is What It Looks Like

The tiny handheld version of Tekken 6 is in stores and on the PlayStation Network today, and we've got a video showing you what you can expect from the tiny fighter.

It looks like Namco Bandai did as fine a job porting over Tekken 6 to the PSP as they did Soulcalibur IV. I'd run out and pick this up right away, but I've still got a great deal of Tekken 6 on the Xbox 360 to get through before I dare go smaller.


    At least it seems to look better than the awful PS3 version

      By awful you mean exactly the same as the Xbox albeit the longer load times?

      oh fanboy. i bet your unbiased comment stems from the fact that you have a 360 and only a 360. and now i bet you reply, and say "no, i have both consoles, but the 360 version is far superior". build a bridge idiot.

    i disagree dansdans, this in no way beats the awesome ps3 version, the console ports were perfect to me. the psp version is a great port, though.

    Only 1 question, is this a dump down version like Soul Calibur PSP or a complete version like Tekken Resurrection PSP

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