Tekken 6 Update Coming To Combat Online Lag

Namco Bandai has promised that an update to Tekken 6 is en route, one designed to "improve the online game experience", a common complaint among reviews of the new fighter.

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 fighter was knocked for having unforgivable lag in our own Tekken 6 review. And we weren't the only ones disappointed with Tekken 6's net code. Namco Bandai's downloadable update is planning to ship "as soon as it has passed rigorous testing procedures".

Namco Bandai says it will offer more details and a release time-frame shortly.


    Thank that guy what doesn't really exist for that!

    Tekken 6 has lag? I thought it was just some kind of slo-mo special effect. Every time I played, I made that bionic man sound effect with my mouth. Chhh-ch-ch-ch-chhhhh! And talked in a slow, deep baritone voice: "Ooohhhhh.....noooooooooo.... yooouuuuu.... diiiddddnnnn!" Seriously, though, I am glad they are fixing it. That one second pause between button press and movement was annoying and killed the playability of more strategic characters. Soon, those spammers who just do the same three hit combo over and over will find themselves needing to actually learn to play!

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