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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like which Modern Warfare 2 you bought.

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interesting in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question…

Modern Warfare 2 was released on Tuesday. Which version did you get: PC, PS3 or Xbox 360? And which edition did you get: Standard, Hardened or Prestige?

Me? Well, Activision sent me the 360 version. If I'd bought it, I'd have probably got the same, and definitely the standard "just the disc, thanks!" edition. There's no way I'd pay over twice as much for some night vision goggles.


    Standard PC Version cause I'm a tightass and had to buy two copies so I can co-op with the ball and chain. missus only plays Mario-esque games, which, while fun, isn't as fun as I'd imagine co-oping this game would be.

    I got the standard one for the PS3. It doesn't seem like a very good game so far.

    i got the normal edition at the midnight launch, then i bought the prestige edition online and when it got here i returned the normal edition. :D

    i bought it as a gift for a friend's birthday ... i saw him play it and it was cool but id never pay full price for a 7 hour game

      what i mean to say id never pay full price for that for myself i got it for ym friend becuse he was a fanboy and some frinds and i chipped in

    Ps3 standard returned the hardened for being a waste of money.

    My friend got the prestige edition which throws a rather long shadow over the hardened version.

    I said to him i'll just admire his and save my $$$ for another game or Headset :)

    Prestige Edition at midnight launch. Awesome game, multi-player is fantastic!

    Would've been the PC version but we all know the story with that. Instead, I'm still playing Dragon Age and Borderlands. I should also go and pick up a copy of the new Ratchet and Clank.

    Standard edition for 360 for $82 at Big W on launch morning. A pox on EB Games and everything they stand for.

    Finished the single-player campaign last night. Loved every second of it. Multiplayer is scarily awesome considering the amount of stuff to unlock.

    360 Version for me

    i bought the prestige edition on ps3.
    gave the goggles a go, pretty fun toy.
    but unfortunatley havent even started playing the game yet still wrapped in plastic.
    maybe this weekend
    psn id: samipuss

    None. I'm not paying full price for a game I'll finish in like 5 hours and never play again. Multiplayer holds no appeal to me so this isn't the title for me...

      Agree, I'll pick it up in 6 months.

    Standard PC (were there even special edition pc versions?) for me; it helped that JB hifi had it for the low low (ish) price of 79 bucks.


      The "low(ish)" as you put it price of $79 is cost price.

      How do you expect JB (or any retailer) to make it any cheaper?

      Maybe call Activision and ask what the fuck goes charging $79 dollars wholesale.

      You can buy an individual copy delivered from Play Asia, for cheaper than a business can buy 10,000 copies from an Australian publisher.

      The big guys buy their stock on consignment. So they're never stuck with unsold games. They're the publishers' problem.

      I would love the Publishers to explain why they gouge the Australian consumer so much, and if they understand that they'll be doing us all out of a job if they keep it up.

    PS3 Prestige Edition

    Completed Single Player in 5hrs 45mins (on Normal)... and that wasn't exactly rushing either...

    Will do Spec Ops and Veteran, but COD4 was better.

    I got the PC version, finished Campaign on Veteran in 11 hours, 36 minutes.

    Got the Prestige edition on PS3 cos the hamster in my PC is dying and it can't play anything but Team Fortress 2.

    Got the goggles for my missus. Honest.

    I did not purchase it but if I had, it would have been on PC. Long live PC.

    None. Was going to buy just a standard PC version until the whole dedicated server fiasco -_-. I'll stick to COD4 and TF2 for my multiplayer fix thankyouverymuch.

    Played through most of the SP with a friend on his PS3, which only solidified my choice. The Cod4 campaign was leaps and bounds ahead of this one, the only really fun level in MW2 is the one where you kill all these people in an airport. Made me think back to good ol GTA III and VC days. Ha ha!

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