Terrifying Clown Army Invades New York Best Buy

If you thought the line for Modern Warfare 2 was scary, check out the crowd waiting outside of a New York City Best Buy for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus game.

Kotakuite Charles stopped by a New York City Best Buy location this morning to pick up Modern Warfare 2, only to encounter the stuff of nightmares - Bon Jovi fans. Also, clowns.

"Went to best buy this morning to get COD. We were greeted by Ringling Brothers clowns waiting in line to buy the Ringling Bros. game from 2K. Also waiting in line were about 30 people waiting to get the new Bon Jovi album (they were even chanting Bon Jovi for a moment....wtf). Needless to say, Bon Jovi and Ringling won today's morning crowd as there were only about 2-5 people waiting to get COD. Just another NYC moment."

Just another NYC moment? I'll be staying on the Southern half of the East coast for the rest of my life then, thanks.


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