TF2's Mann Co. Responds To Its Customers Once More

September's "Team Update" brought another mention of Team Fortress 2's macho product supplier Mann Co., and some folks took the hint and wrote the company's address again. Lo and behold, here's more form-letter hilarity. And - classic comic book covers!

Kotaku reader Wayne T. received a form letter, two 1960s/70s era comic covers ("Saxton Hale's Jungle Brawl" and "Saxton Hale's Barbershop Action") and the most badass piece of mail the United States Postal Service ever sorted.

"I guess I'll forgive them for not having my spy crab kit in stock," Wayne told us. "P.S. - The woman probably wasn't impressed because I didn't send enough money. I'll fix that next time ..."


    As any off the shelf aussie could tell ya. That's a fair crack at the day to day life for a bloke down here.


    Lol, Classic.

    These have been around for a while and your missing a few with grizzly bears, Indonesian bezerker sharks and a turtle with a puck, Saxton Hale, epic as always.

    Why is there a lion in barber shop? I mean, other than because its awesome?

    Cut around the fight, Giuseppe!

    Man, those comics are badass

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