The BioWare Community Is Legion

BioWare breaks EA web-traffic records as the developer's community swells to more than 5 million registered users in the wake of the release of Dragon Age and the shadow of Mass Effect 2.

Integrating a community website with Dragon Age: Origins and the upcoming Mass Effect 2 has paid off in spades for BioWare, bringing players online in droves to show off their Dragon Age prowess and prepare for the bragging that will come once the second entry in the epic space opera arrives. Between the existing BioWare community, more than 500K sign-ups at, and the fans that will be flocking to the redesigned, BioWare's community is only getting larger.

"We want to thank our fans for their enthusiasm and ongoing support. The passion within the community is not only helping drive momentum for Dragon Age referrals but our actively engaged fan base is eager for future content releases, which we are committed to deliver," said Dr. Ray Muzyka, co-founder, BioWare and Group General Manager of the RPG/MMO Group of EA. "We could not be more excited about the outstanding community growth. The connection we are fostering with our fans is direct and personal. This tremendous community will help set the stage for an incredible Mass Effect 2 launch on January 26th."

On top of the traditional web presence, the Dragon Age Facebook fan page has more than 30,000 fans, making it the fastest-growing EA property on Facebook.

So what makes BioWare's community so attractive? Is it the games? The people? You tell us.


    Is it the games? Is it the people? Is it the fact you pretty much have to make an account when you run the game?


      Agreed. However I think the quality of the writing / narratives that Bioware comes up with in both the sci-fi and fantasy generes is second to none for the western side of the RPG industry.

    I have one problem with their forums.

    Google results cannot drop you into a thread. it just gives u the main page and often the search feature fails to find the thread google showed you. Annoying to say the least.

    But yes, this 'traffic' is more than likely just: Sign-up, add cd-key, leave and never come back.

    It's not even for the community, it's so they can further push other games on us... Pushy marketing strategy is pushy.

    If only that piece of crap website worked. I've finished DAO but it still reads my character as being level 11 and having just finished Redcliffe. Someone I know signing up got horribly confused by the website as it doesn't actually ever tell you if you signed up/in successfully or not. Seriously, however designed that site should be the subject of a public execution.

    it gave me the shits i had to sign up with my cousins email because mine wouldnet work i made the mistake of owning a battlefield game before this so i couldnt use or update my own email so i had to use another one infuriating

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