The Decline Of The Video Game Business, In Picture Form

For some reason, bad news is often made worse when delivered via picture. There's something about a steep decline on a chart that's worse than any collection of words a writer can manage.

Take this one, for example. It's been put together by The Business Insider, and charts the decline in video game sales since 2007. As it says, it's based on a year-to-year percentage change, so a dip means the industry was down on where it was at the same point the year before.

CHART OF THE DAY: Video Game Industry Not So Recession Proof After All [TBI, via 1UP]


    Sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of the CEO of Activision sleeping on piles of money with many beautiful women.

    sept 07 - People figure out how to use bitorrent

      Nah, I think they always knew how to use BitTorrent.

      I think September 07 was where consumers finally had enough of over priced games and have resorted to other means.

      Wasn't that when Halo3 came out?

    Total BS.

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