The Left 4 Dead 2 Cameo You Might Be Expecting

The zombie apocalypse heads south in Left 4 Dead 2, introducing four new zombie apocalypse survivors — Ellis, Coach, Nick and Rochelle — with nary a Francis, Zoey, Bill or Louis in sight. Or...

They too may be looking for sunnier weather, the better to enjoy the pungent stench of rotting flesh with, and maybe a little help from CEDA in New Orleans. According to a screen grab sent our way, there may be hope for our Yankee zombie killers yet, a fun little Easter Egg of a cameo that we're still attempting to confirm for ourselves.

(Click on the above image to Boomer-size it.)

Thanks to Ackers for the heads up.


    There must be some of those oldschool uncensored zombies to shoot up on that overpass.

    I can't believe Kotaku fell for a photoshop. Seriously?

    This was on the L4D2 forums about 2 weeks ago, the poster put it up there, it lasted about 2 hours before someone called him on it. Noclipping to the area showed no one up there except for a skybox, and the L4D models are NOT in L4D2.

    This hasn't been found in anyones games apart from the dude who posted the image - people assume he used the model importer plugin to spawn them in game (or somehow got them into Garry's Mod).

    That is to say, unfortunately, fake.

    If you read the thread I posted, he explains he did it all in gmod and was delibertly trolling the L4D2 forums with teh images for it. It's all there, how he did it, where he did it, etc... Just remove this from kotaku as a fake rumour and be done with it.

    Yeah, when even the guy who posts it says it's fake and that he made it in Gary's Mod, there isn't much more investigation really required.

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