The Mass Effect 2 Box Art Saga Continues

Well, it appears that the Mass Effect 2 box art that we foolishly assumed was limited to the game's European release is coming to the States. The official Mass Effect web site has unveiled the game's final box art. Finally.

It appears that this largely reviled, totally not final version of Mass Effect 2's cover was nothing more than a passing high-resolution fancy. The stars of Mass Effect 2's box, who will defend the universe against whatever menace is to the right of the game's case, are Commander Shepard, Thane the Assassin, Miranda and the planet Tuchanka.

Those unsatisfied with either box art option still have the collector's edition to consider.


    i dont particually like this box art but not that it matters to me colectors edition FTW

    Who cares? Are you playing the game or are you gazing at the case? I pre-ordered the collectors edition though, for the stuff...

    IMO that is really ugly, I'll just get the CE.

    I think it looks dull, amateurish and not befitting a series as grand as Mass Effect. I know it's a very, very minor thing to complain about, but you'd think that Bioware could have designed something better given their artistic talent, seeing as gamers everywhere are saying both covers are crap. The Collectors Edition cover is really slick IMO, has a great minimalist style.

    It's a ploy to make you by the CE, dammit!

    Good to see the planet Tuchanka defending the universe.

    Is that some sort of housewife/frump in the background? >_>

    Its the woman who ruins it - not because she isnt in the kitchen, but because she looks 'tarded.
    take it out and put a spaceship there
    someone shop that for me.

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